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I hired Janice to give a workshop at the Crisis Pregnancy Center for our volunteers in how to make artistically, handmade, beautiful cards for numerous occasions such as baby announcements, birthdays, etc.She is incredibly talented with unique ideas that one would never think of.

I have received numerous cards from her for the last 18 years and each one is beautiful and unique. She is meticulous to detail.

Her works are priceless and very well worth the money. She is terrific to work with – no matter what we are doing or creating.

~K. Dunn, Redding, CA

Janice, You are the most amazing artist. Is there anything you can’t do? And this site is just the most gorgeous I have ever seen.

Lily H., Palo Alto, CA

It is not often that one has the opportunity to add something “special” to the everyday life experience and thus elevate it to the point that simple, routine events become moments of beauty. I recently had the opportunity to treasure just such an epiphany in my own life. I had the need to acquire some notes for the purpose of conveying “thank you” and other general greetings of varying types. After checking  a variety of stores and shops in search of stationery which would satisfy my needs, it became clear to me that most of the stock which was available in the general marketplace was uninspiring, anything but attractive and basically lacking in imagination. I both wanted and needed some notes that communicated to friends and family that I considered my correspondence with them to be an important part of my life. As I continued my quest for something to fulfill my purposes, I discovered designs by Janice Fujii at

Ms. Fujii not only creates truly beautiful and unique cards for all occasions, but also crafts a wide variety of gift items ranging from journals and bound volumes to objects d’art that are framed and suitable for adorning everything from furniture and environments to the walls of homes and offices. Janice’s creations are colorful, delicate, and artistic. Her designs draw the viewer’s eye with unique and intricate shapes and color combinations utilizing diverse textures and materials that are both creative and fascinating in forms that are truly one-of-a-kind. In a world of that which is common and uninteresting, Janice offers that which is refreshingly different and gracefully beautiful. Her creations offer an alternative for those who are not satisfied with “just more of the same.” If you dare to be “beautifully different” and want something that is truly unique and special, check out You won’t be disappointed.

The Reverend Dr. Christopher F., Esq., Meadville, PA